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Old Tupton Ware

Old Tupton Ware is a collection of hand crafted, tube lined ceramics designed in the UK. 

The name Old Tupton originates from the village of Old Tupton in the beautiful English county of Derbyshire. It was chosen to reflect the peace, tranquility and beauty of this idyllic village setting, the inspiration for the collection’s designs and associated products. 

Today Old Tupton Ware boasts over 50 designs, having established itself as a collector’s brand of quality ceramic ware. Each piece is made by hand using a unique production process called tube lining - this gives the raised outlines of the pattern. The process has been applied to a range of products from nightlights, vases and honey pots to spectacle rests, light pulls and bears. 

Old Tupton Ware was aquired by Widdop Bingham in 2009 and continues to be developed whilst retaining its rich history, heritage and quality with which it has long been associated.